Call for Submissions: Fab Yearbook 2011

Call for Submissions: Fab Yearbook 2011

Hello all, makers from around the FabLab community,

2011 is upon us. May you have a Fab year! It is time to start putting together your Fab YearBook 2011 contributions! Send in your contributions before February 1st 2011. Publication date is February 23rd 2011.

In January 2010 the first ever Fab YearBook, containing stories from various FabLabs, examples of things made in FabLabs across the globe, interviews with FabLab community members, etc., numbering 50 pages, was published.

Contribute to Fab YearBook 2011!

Now it is time to start creating your contributions for the next edition of the Fab YearBook! So get creative and share fun, inspirational, or deep stories about your FabLab and the things that happen there, in the form of text, pictures, drawings or whatever you can think of. We accept contributions in any shape or form (PDF, Adobe illustrator, .doc, .odt, .key, .odp, .ppt, .jpg etc). To be part of the book it needs to be in A4 format though. But feel free to also send in fun designs (even better if they fit that A4 format!) we can share in the digital version of the Fab YearBook.

Hat tip to Mary K Watson

Read the attached PDF for more information.

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