Example Creations

For current examples check our our flickr group.

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Broccoli Sheep Press fit bird house wedding invitations paper cutting art paper cutting art Dusduino by Matthew Schroyer USB dinosaur  matte board cathedral Broccoli Sheep The Neuromaker The Neuromaker River DAQ Scan yourself in 3D Settlers of Catan Puzzle Steve Holt's Portfolio Airframe Airframe pie plate christmas tree ornament pinewood derby car laser engrave kindle laser engrave macbook pro puzzle

Please share your Fab Lab projects with our community! You can either...

1) Share pictures of your project with our Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1847246@N22/


2) Tell us in detail about your project on our website:

  1. Sign up for an account by clicking on the 'Create new account' link on the lower left hand side of this page (or log into your existing account).
  2. Make a new blog post (under 'create content')
  3. Include an explanation of what you've made, how you did it and why you chose to do so! Pictures are highly encouraged.
  4. Feel free to link to your blog or personal website