Luke's Fab Lab Cheesecake Platter v1.0

Create a cheesecake platter and trophy for a series of cheesecake competitions related to the Fab Lab.

Bill of Materials:

  • 1 24"x12"x1/4" sheet of clear acrylic
  • The attached design-file (cheesecake_platter.svg or cheesecake_platter.pdf)
See attached .svg (easily editable) or .pdf (straight to the Epilog print-driver) file.
Luke's Cheesecake Platter - Perspective ViewLuke's Cheesecake Platter - Perspective View Luke's Cheesecake Platter - ComponentsLuke's Cheesecake Platter - Components

Epilog Settings:

Standard settings for 1/4" Acrylic:

  • Raster:
    • Speed: 100
    • Power: 35
  • Vector:
    • Speed: 8
    • Power: 100
    • Frequency: 5000
Future Improvements:
  1. Flip platter: Flip the platter so that the artwork is on the bottom, rather than on the serving surface.
  2. Reduce the play between the components:  There's a bit of play between the tabs and the plate, probably because of the kerf of the laser -- so it's easy to pick up the top tray and leave the base on the table.  Gravity holds it together nicely, though, and this version is likely to work with a wide variety of materials, such as acrylic from different manufacturers, and even 1/4" plywood.
  3. Improve the artwork:  The pixilated Fab Lab Logo really does evoke the "digital" in "digital fabrication", but some of the stray pixels can be distracting.  There are also some unrealized possibilities for decorating the legs.
  4. Improve the speed of fabrication: Using line-art for the platter graphics could greatly increase the speed with which this project can be made.
Intellectual Property: 
Luke's Cheesecake Platter - Perspective View
cheesecake_platter.pdf153.04 KB
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