The Neuromaker

"The 10 to Watch series continues with industrial design graduate student, Johann Rischau, who will use the space as an experimental laboratory for investigating mass customization and our emotional connections to the objects we make and consume. He has produced a prototype for a computer-controlled router that processes visitors' brainwaves and imprints them on various materials. Viewers are invited to participate in the work by inputting their own brainwaves and leaving with an object that is made just for them.

10 to Watch is a year-long series curated by Jorge Lucero, Jimmy Luu and Tumelo Mosaka that brings relevant and engaging ideas from the School of Art + Design’s classrooms to a public forum."

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This project was developed by Johann Rischau and Robert McGrath with the support of the Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab and the NCSA.

The exhibition space will be open from 11th to 17th from 9-5pm (except 14th) and everybody is invited to stop by and interact with the machine.  The opening reception is on Friday, the 11th from 6-8pm.

A document explaining the project in all details is attached to this post.

10 to Watch: Johann Rischau, Figure One