Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Ornament

The other day I  found an object on Thingiverse that I wanted to make because it's close to Christmas. THE Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Ornament!

The design can be found here:

Making it was easy enough. I knew that the pattern from Thingiverse would give all the parts for two trees so all I had to do was stack up the circles in order of size and then split them into two groups.

groups of circles

Then I put them together making every other layer one of the really small spacers.

making trees

Now, one tree is bigger than the other, but by moving a few of the last circles off the shorter tree to the bigger tree they balance out quite nicely.

The last touches were the strings on the top and two small bits of string on the bottom to hold the stacks together.

Now I have two little tree ornaments to hang.... if only I had a big tree to hang them on.

two trees

two trees
making trees