We are open again!

We are open once again. I hope you had a good holliday break!

Our regular hours  are in effect and I hope to see you here


Winter Break Closings

We will be closed for Winter Break for several days!

Fab Lab Closures


Personalized Word Clock

Another cool idea from Instructables--arduino clock, with personalized messages. 

Great for a personalized present....

Plans for 3D printed Quad copter

Possibly of interest, complete plans and instructions for " 3D Printed Quadcopter with Arduino" from Instructables.

It looks like this could be done pretty simply in the CUCFL.

Cool Project: ROBOPuppet

Possibly of interest:  very cool robot programming methodology--use 3D printer  plus arduino to make hand held model.  Teach the model, then push to the real robot.

ROBOPuppet from Indiana U.  Really cool!

See the web site and conference paper for details.

Anna Eilering, Giulia Franchi and Kris Hauser, “ROBOPuppet: Low-Cost, 3D Printed Miniatures for Teleoperating Full-Size Robots,”  IEEE/RSJ Intl. Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), September 2014.

Instructables Project: Cool Desk Idea

A cool project from Instructables:  the Hanster Wheel Desk


If I had one of these, I'd want to collect data on activity (pretty easy), and use it in apps.  E.g., to track activity, reinforce positive behaviors, and meter on-line activities (e.g., walk a mile to earn 30 minutes of minecraft....)

3D Pen Constuct

From Hong Kong, a "lace" dress, constructed with a "3D Pen".

This has got to be the hard way to make a dress, and I'd be surprised if it was especially comfortable to wear.  (Soon, we'll have the option to print much nicer materials, I'm sure.)

September Orientation Series

We're happy to announce the September 2014 Fab Lab Orientation series! Join us during general open hours from 6-7:30p for activities. Those that require take-home materials will be a $5 charge per participant.

September orientation

Sessions will be led by expert Fab Lab staff and the remainder of the evening will be an opportunity to work with others on similar projects. Keep an eye out for October, when we switch over to Halloween-themed events like costume design or pumpkin carving with lasers!

Not Exact Ruby, Nor Slippers, But…

An interesting art work/gadget from Dominic Wilcox:  “GPS Shoes“.

These shoes can be programmed to give directions, and though scarcely ruby slippers, but they may be able to take you home.

Best of all, the feature is enabled by clicking your heals, a la Dorothy.  Cool!



The left shoe points in the desired direction, the right shoe acts as a progress bar. From: Dominick Wilcox, “No Place Like Home, GPS shoes”



By the way, Wilcox has a lot of other strange and interesting “inventions” in his portfolio.

Minecraft Creative Server Down

Fab Lab Minecraft server is down until we negotiate a solution with the University Firewall or Comcast off-site. It can be connected to locally at the Fab Lab on port 5222. It will likely be fixed by the end of next week. Sorry for the trouble!

Possibly of interest: Walk-In Origami Klaediscope!!!

An awesome walk-in kaleidoscope!

From Kobe (I needed to translate the blog page), this is built as a giant origami, made of folded mirrors, inside a shipping container.  The folds are fabricated by laser cutting perforations into mirrors.

(I don't think the Epilog has sufficient power to replicate this, but I'm not sure.)

Google translate says "awesome" translates to: 素晴らしい

UIUC Bio Bots

Yet more awesomeness out of UIUC Bioengineering.  Tiny Robots!  Powered by muscle tissue! 

Fabbers will be interested that the structures were made using 3D printing techniques, to print out "hydrogel".

See the paper for details.

Well done, all.

UI Press release


C. Cvetkovic*, R. Raman*, V. Chan, B. J. Williams, M. Tolish, P. Bajaj, M. L. Sakar, H. H. Asada, M. T. A. Saif, R. Bashir, "Three-dimensionally printed biological machines powered by skeletal muscle" PNAS, 2014. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1401577111. - (download PDF)

Possibly of Interest: 3D Printing and Art Works

A piece last week aggregated some recent art works that use 3D printing. These projects may be inspirational for Fabbers.

14 Ways 3D Printing Has Changed The Art World by Katherine Brook.

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