Project Ideas

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Personalized Word Clock

Another cool idea from Instructables--arduino clock, with personalized messages. 

Great for a personalized present....

Plans for 3D printed Quad copter

Possibly of interest, complete plans and instructions for " 3D Printed Quadcopter with Arduino" from Instructables.

It looks like this could be done pretty simply in the CUCFL.

Instructables Project: Cool Desk Idea

A cool project from Instructables:  the Hanster Wheel Desk


If I had one of these, I'd want to collect data on activity (pretty easy), and use it in apps.  E.g., to track activity, reinforce positive behaviors, and meter on-line activities (e.g., walk a mile to earn 30 minutes of minecraft....)

Instructables Project: Atomic Force Microscope (?!)

OK, here's something I've always wanted, but never could have:  an atomic force microscope!  What would I do with it?  Who knows? It's been academic, anyway, up to now.

Instructables has posted a low cost project for a DIY ATM.  Wow!

Any Fabbers interested in such a project?

'Instructables' Project: DIY Segway

Instructables has a cool project posted by 'ihart':

A DIY 'segway' scooter:

Anyone want to try to build one?

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