CUC Fab Lab at PechaKucha

We probably should have said something BEFORE it happened, but... The CUC Fab Lab was one of the presenters at the 7th Champaign-Urbana PechaKucha meeting.

What Is PechaKucha you ask? It is an open mic style speaking event where all the presenters are allowed 20 slides to show and only 20 seconds to talk about each slide. This means that all the speakers get only 6 minutes and 40 seconds to talk about their topics. Most topics are about design, but they can vary widely; one guy talked about cooking hamburgers, another talked about a cross country bike event that raises money for cancer research. Our own Lauren Semeraro was the speaker, and did a lovely job of showing off the CUCfablab and the things we can do here. I hope that we got our message out to creative people who can put the space to work.