Example Project: Etching Glass Cookware

The Epilog Mini at the CUCFL can be used to engrave text and pictures on glass (e.g., mirrors or picture frames), and on glassware, including bottles, drinking glasses, and cookware. 

An Example Project

An example project is to etch a personal design on a glass pie pan, purchased at a large store for $5 or less. Please see the report attached here [PDF].

Example piece.

The pie pan in the Epilog Mini.

Photo of the decorated 24cm glass pie pan, as viewed in use (Photo Jeff Ginger, 2012).


There are many formulas for glass, and it is very difficult to determine the precise material used in a given product.  Contemporary cookware purchased in the US seems to work OK.  It is difficult to predict the results for older glass, or glass with unknown provenance.

Etching glass is inherently risky. It is possible etching may cause the glass to flake or crack, which would ruin the cookware. It could also weaken the cookware, leading to premature breakage.

If the etched glass shows evidence of cracking or flaking, it should be discarded immediately.  Never cook with damaged glassware.

Etching colored or painted glass may or may not give desirable results. The etching may not be visible, or may ruin the appearance of the object.

Thanks To

Thanks to J for showing us how to etch her own bakeware and PST for providing bakeware for the first trials that led to this report. Jeff Ginger provided some of the images. Songtrack performed by Judy Collins.

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