Fab Off

The Champaign-Urbana Community will be holding the first ever Fab Off!

A Fab Off is...

-an opportunity to come together and meet people from other fab labs

-a chance to interact with new materials (from www.inventables.com)

-a build session with a team of enthusiastic fabbers

-a chance to win wildly "intrinsically motivating" prizes (read that to mean of little or no monetary value

-good food and festivities

We will be dividing the volunteers into groups. Each group will have the entire day to make something with the new materials.  At the end of the day a team will be chosen as the winner by our judges: Sherry Lassiter  from the Center for Bits and Atoms and Zach Kaplan from Inventibles.com. The event will be held on October 22. We are looking for volunteers to participate and also to help logistically. Please email Lauren at semerar1@illinois.edu by September 10 if you would like to participate/volunteer or would like more information.