I made my 2012 Halloween costume at the Fab Lab!

Back in October I used the big vinyl cutter to create my Halloween costume! I attended a Halloween party that also celebrated the fall birthdays of three friends. The party was themed for the states they were born in: Missouri, Tennessee, and California. My costume matched all three, with Dr. Pepper from Missouri, Mountain Dew from Tennessee, and Orange Crush from California! Everyone at the party thought it was awesome, but I ended up taking it off pretty quickly when I realized it was impossible to sit down. Slight engineering oversight. :P

This costume was the first thing I have ever made in the Fab Lab and it was so much fun! I highly recommend anyone who needs to make...well...really anything stop by the Fab Lab and check it out!

- Kathryn T.

The full getup: front
The full getup: back
Orange Crush
Mountain Dew
Dr. Pepper