NYT Article About Shapeways

Interesting article in the NYT about Shapeways and creative designers who have been able to realize ideas because of Shapeways.  (Shapeways has a new, so far small, retail outlet.)

Tons of ideas and inspirations in this short article:

Bringing 3-D Power to the People by Steven Kurutz

For example....

"Ashley Zelinskie, 26, a sculptor who works with 3-D printing, tried using a desktop machine to print a full-size chair whose structure was embedded with hexadecimal code readable by a computer. Influenced by “One and Three Chairs,” a conceptual art piece by Joseph Kosuth, the project was an exercise in high-tech frustration.

“It took me two years of printing every day, and then I lost my mind,” Ms. Zelinskie said. She bought a nanny cam to keep tabs on the glitchy machine in her studio and later moved it to her apartment. “I got to the point where I could be asleep and hear it messing up,” she said.

Shapeways saved her project and her sanity: One and One chair in a museum.