Open lab for people 10 to 16 years old

Ken Denmead wrote the following about raising geeks, though I think it applies to raising and teaching all kids: "...It means teaching them an empowering worldview. It means showing them how things work and that with a little research, determinations and trial and error, they can bend the world to their will. It means raising them with the maker call to arms echoing in their ears: 'If you can't open it, you don't own it!' It means getting them to approach problems technically and solve them with imagination, which makes anything possible. It means encouraging them to tinker, even if it means voiding warranties. It means building a better world."

The Fablab is having another open hours day for people ages 10 to 16 on Saturday November 3rd from 10 until noon. Come out and introduce your children to the tools they will need to help build a better world. Space is limited so please email Jeff Howard at if you are interested in attending. 

Here are some pictures from our open lab time in October: