Patricia's Earrings and Necklace Project


Laser Engraved and Cut Pendants for Earrings and Necklaces


Patricia S. Taylor

I designed these pendants  using Inkscape and then engraved the design and cut them out of two-tone acrylic with a laser cutter. Please note the swirl design came from a Mac font. I was able to make 6 pairs of pendants for earrings and four necklace pendants from a 6 inch by 12 inch piece of acrylic. I had about a quarter of the sheet left over. Using store-bought beads and fittings, I turned the pendants into necklaces and earrings. I hope to upload the Inkscape file and further directions in the future.

Patricia S. Taylor Urbana, Il 61801

Earrings and Necklace