x.pose: Provocative "Wearable Sculpture" from NYU

An interesting 'wearable scupture' from NYU graduate project.  This uses technology familiar to Fabbers, and could be recreated in the CUCFL: 3D printing, smart fabric, an arduino, and data feeds from mobile devices were employed to create a provocative garment that amplifies the wearer's "exposure":

as she eimits metadata that reveals her personal activities, the garmet becomes transparent to reveal more of her personal person.

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X.pose by Xuedi Chen and Pedro G.C. Oliveira


"As a generation, we are tethered to connected data-producing devices which are in a constant cycle of production and consumption of data. My electronic devices make me an implicit participant in this cycle while I'm largely unaware of how my metadata is being consumed. Could someone construct a clear image of me from my data emissions? How would that look? x.pose explores the vulnerable nature of the relationship we share with our data. I have collected my own geolocation data over time to use as the basis for a personalized generative couture mesh armature that reacts to the trails of information that I produce. As data emissions are collected, the more transparent and exposed I will become."