Server Build Notes -


  1. Ubuntu Maverick Server (i386), minimal installation on mirrored disks with LVM.
  2. Apache Directory Services Installation
    1. Download .deb pacakge:
      Then dpkg --install apacheds-1.5.7-i386.deb
    2. Connect to the server with Apache Directory Studio as described here:
      Change the password for "uid=admin,ou=system" to something good.
    3. Schema: Use Apache Directory Studio's LDAP editor and navigate to "ou=schema".  Enable ApacheDS's "inetorgperson","nis", and "krb5kdc" schema objects by adding the "m-disabled" property to each one, with a value of "FALSE".  Select the "Root DSE", then Schema, and "Reload Schema".
    4. Allow ApacheDS to open low ports:
      $ sudo vim apacheds-1.5.7-default
      Change "RUN_AS_USER=$APP_NAME" to "RUN_AS_USER=root"
    5. Create a partition for the dc=cucfablab,dc=org, as described here:
      1. FIXME - include server.xml
      2. FIXME - include ldif of directory structure
  3. Apache Directory Studio