CUDO Plays and the CU Community Fab Lab

CUDO, the Champaign Urbana Design Organization, hosted a board game creation competition called CUDO Plays. The competition started back in Sept. of 2013 and just ended on Feburary 16th 2014. Several teams joined, and over the course of the six month span there were a number of events held with the intent of encouraging constant progress on the creation of new games from the Champaign Urbana community. 

Of course the Community Fab Lab opened our doors to be as useful as possible to the competitors. Here's a few examples of what they made...

Teams stopped by and made almost everything from tokens, to pawns, to the board itself. 3D printed space ships and castles along with laser cut board tiles seemed natural. But more useful parts like counters, cups, and card holders were also needed.

Finally, just before the Grand Exhibition, CUDO asked the Fablab to make some keepsake items for all the participants, so we deliverd.

The Final outcome and more photos can be seen at the CUDO Plays Facebook account.

Blob attacks
Cabin Full of Monsters
Brain Freeze
Galaxy Bandits1
Galaxy Bandits2
Dragon Raiders