Etched mirror

One of the newer people showing up here at the Fablab is Steve Holt. He had a great idea of what to make with laser etching. Steve had found pictures of a Buick and its chassis and wanted them on a mirror. The idea was to have the exterior etched into the glass and the frame and workings of the car etched into the back where it would show through and give an x-ray view of the car. There was some concern that the laser might reflect back so the mirror was painted black here at the fablab. Steve had already prepared his files so all we had to do was run the laser. 

The front turned out well.



We flipped the mirror and printed the back, which was backwards because the flip turned over the front image.



The paint was washed off.... Video

… and the results are good.



A fine work that I’m sure he’ll show off to his friends.


Buick washing
Buick side two
Buick side one
Buick finished
Buick admire