Silhouette - Create a simple pop-up card

Project Details:

In this project you will learn how to make a simple pop-up card with a simple shape.  You will learn to use Silhouette Studio and the Silhouette cutter.

Skill Level:

Beginner to Intermediate

Appropriate Ages:

All ages with appropriate supervision

Where this project should be done:

The design can be done anywhere with a free download of Silhouette Studio.  You'll need to come to the lab (or have your own Silhouette) to cut the card out.

What you need:

  • 2 contrasting pieces of 12 inch x 12 inch card stock]
  • Glue
  • Silhouette Studio
  • Silhouette Cutter

Project Instructions:

  1. Open a new file in Silhouette Studio
  2. Choose the rectangle or curved rectangle tool and create the back shape for your card.  Want a challenge? Get creative if you'd like and create a star or other shaped card with the line tool.
  3. Draw a straight line down the 'center' of the card.  This will be where the card folds.
  4. Duplicate this shape to create a back for your pop out card.
  5. Draw a circle the size you want it (using a circle with exact multiples of an inch make the card much easier to make at first).
  6. Center the circle horizontally but not vertically.
  7. Decide how much you want your circle to 'pop-out' and place the circle as far up or down from the center fold line as you'd like.  A good place to start is one inch down.
  8. You now need to remove the portion of the center fold line that will be 'behind' the circle.  Do this either by duplicating the line and sizing it down properly or by editing the points of the line (see video or silhouette instructions).
  9. You also need to do this for the top and bottom of your circle (see video for further instructions).
  10. Add two lines to the top of your circle on either side of your perferated line.  These lines need to be exactly the same lenght as the distance between the bottom of your circle and the fold line.  If you followed the instructions above, you should need lines that are exactly 1 inch long.
  11. Create another dotted line for the top of this new 'rectangle' you've created.
  12. Save you work (Make sure you save early and often with any project!)
  13. Click on the 'Send to Silhouette' button.
  14. Make sure you click on "Change Settings" and select heavy cardstock (unless you have lightweight paper) and set the blade length correctly.  If you set the blade too long, you may break the blade!  Make sure you test your blade length on a scrap piece of paper that matches the weight of your cardstock.
  15. Load your paper onto the Silhouette's mat.  Press it down and smooth it out.
  16. Line up the mat with the rollers and click "Load cutting mat" on the Silhouette.
  17. Make sure the blade is locked in place.
  18. If you clicked on "Change Settings" now click on "Send to Silhouette".
  19. Click the link that says "Cut Page".
  20. Wait till the Silhouette is completely done cutting and then click to "unload" the mat.
  21. Peel off your paper carefully.
  22. Repeate steps 15-20 one more time with a contrasting color.
  23. Fold your card and then line up the contrasting color's fronts and backs.
  24. Use a little glue to secure the two in place and you have a pop-up card!
NOTE: The attached file is the completed project.  Feel free to use this in any way you wish, but if you want to work through this project on your own, start with a blank file.

What you learned:

You've learned basic and intermediate operations of Silhouette Studio as well as how to cut cardstock on the Silhouette while using the cutting mat.

What should I make next?

Try making a similar card with a different shape.  Change the amount the circle 'pops-out'.  Change the circle into your name or another shape.  Can you figure out how to make more advanced pop-up cards?  How could you use the cutting style tools to draw with pens and then cut out the pop up card?


As with all of these projects, try something new!  If you have an idea, try it now!  Ask for help and/or come back here for more projects if you get stuck.

simple pop up card.studio5.97 KB