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Cutting Circuitboards With the Modela

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Starting out

The modela is a nice little milling machine that cranks out most of the circuits you will need for HTMAA. To be able to mill on it, you need to have FR1 which is a paper based copper plate. You cannot mill the fiberglass copper plates on the modela as it will break your bit and the dust it will create is irritant. The FR1 is more tan than the fiberglass, which is more green, and the FR1 is in stock in 016 in 2x3 inch and 4x6 inch pieces.

Milling Machines (CNC Routers)

Our FabLab is currently equipped three different CNC (computer numerical control) machines, and they all work similarly: three motors move a drill bit along 3 axes (left/right, front/back, up/down) according to instructions sent to it by the computer. These machines can be used for a wide range of projects, from cutting your name into a 2x4, making molds for resin or latex, and even cutting away copper to form the traces of a circuitboard!

An introduction to using the Roland Modela milling machine can be viewed here.

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