In System Programmer (ISP) for Fab Lab

Using AVRISP mkii to program the target (FABISP) board

A more detailed tutorial can be found here.

Eagle files:FabISP.sch, FabISP.brd, FabISP.lbr, FabLab.dru, Partslist

Modela: FabISP.png , FabISPdim.png

Software:, FabModules

Making the PCB using the Modela:

Install the fab modules.

You will need at least 2x4in copper board (FRS1)

Set it up as in the picture below (making sure the platform is not moving and the board is taped securely on the Modela stage).

Use the 1/64in bit for cutting the traces and 1/16in bit for cutting the board outline (dim). See screen shots below for the Modela settings.

Programming the FABISP

Download and unzip the files and the development tools for AVR micro-controllers.

CrossPack on Mac OS X. Copy avrdude.conf into /usr/local/etc and avrdude into /usr/local/bin

WinAVR on Windows

avr-gcc, avr-libc, and avrdude packages on Linux.

Open the “makefile” using TextEdit and make sure you select the correct oscillator (I used the 12MHz) and correct ISP:

F_CPU = 12000000

AVRDUDE = avrdude -c avrisp2 -P usb -p $(DEVICE) --- if you are using the AVRISP mkii
AVRDUDE = avrdude -c usbtiny -p $(DEVICE) --- if you are using the FABISP


Save the file.

Open the command window and navigate to the directory where the firmware files were saved.

In the command window type:


sudo make clean

sudo make hex

sudo make fuse

sudo make program

Once the ATtiny44A is programmed, open the SJ1 solder jumper (disconnect the two pads).