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Fab Lab Closed for Thanksgiving (November 26th and 28th)

The Fab Lab will be closed on Tuesday Novenber 26th and Thursday November 28th.

The Lab will resume normal operation on Sunday December 1st.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day!

Fresh Paint workshop

Fresh Paint is a 2 day long workshop (8 hrs on Saturday and 6 hrs on Sunday). We will build a 6’x4’ board (for the CuC Fab Lab) and smaller boards 6”x4” (one for each group of participant). These boards will have magnetic and conductive paint and you can use different color LEDs to bring them to life.



Fresh Paint example board

First Blue Platter Saturday

Here are a few pictures from the first Blue Platter Saturday, October 8th.

If you missed the event, please joint us next Saturday, October 15th from 9 am to 12 pm.

Lauren's led bracelet.

Blue Platter Saturday: wearables

Blue Platter Saturdays are events that CUCFL puts together as workshops for experimenting with new processes or materials.

The first one will be October 8th form 9 am to 12 pm.

FAB7 Lima: Fab Lab Annual International Conference

FAB7 this year was in Lima, Peru. It was hosted and organized by the University students with the help of MIT. We had a great time there and met some amazing people. The challenge/competition this year was to build an Ambulante, a street vendor. These are very popular in Lima and all the fab labs were encouraged to build one. Our lab built a Pop Corn Ambulante. It was a hit, although we did not win, we most definitely got the people's choice award :).

Africa's Ambulante

Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab Summer Raffle Winners

Here are the winners with the respective prizes.

Please contact if you need to set up time to use the lab (1st and 2nd price winners)

You can come and pick up the prizes next Thursday, 4-9pm at the Fab Lab.

1st prize: Colten Jackson (4 hrs in the lab)

2nd prize: Whitney Street (2 hrs in the lab)

Happy Birthday! Nerd style.

My brother turned 30 this year so I wanted to make him something special (his birthday was January 1st). I got busy so the project fell behind. But thank God his wife's birthday is coming up soon (May 28th) so I can make her one as well and kill two birds with one shot. Laughing

His and Hers

In System Programmer (ISP) for Fab Lab

Using AVRISP mkii to program the target (FABISP) board

A more detailed tutorial can be found here.

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