Encapsulating objects with Cura, Pronterface, and TAZ

Cura (a slicing program that exports gcode suitable for the TAZ) has a plugin allowing for "Pause at Height:" which stops the print and moves the nozzle out of the way. It accomplishes this by inserting the M0 command (Stop Everything) into the gcode after a certain number of layers. This is super handy if you want to pause a print so you can place something inside the object, and then continue the print, fully encapsulating the object inside the print.

Apparantly, with some 3D printers (perhaps the Ultimaker that Cura was written for) there is a 'Resume' option somewhere on the printer, but not so with TAZ. Upon reaching the pause command, the nozzle moves out of the way, everything stops moving, and that's it... the TAZ reports that it's "Printing" and Cura reports that it's "Printing" but I don't see any way to resume the print after the M0 command. 

I tried running the exported gcode with Pronterface, which has a pause and resume button, but had the same results, Pronterface considers the print in progress, and pausing / resuming doesn't make a difference.

I tried the M226 (Gcode initiated pause) command by opening the gcode in a text editor, finding the M0 command and replacing it with M226. The printer seemed to ignore it, or otherwise automatically resumed the print.

So, my workaround for the time being is to use the G4 command, "dwell" a.k.a. wait, which takes an argument in milliseconds. So, to make the printer pause and wait for 30 seconds, the command would be "G4 P30000".

This gets the nozzle out of the way and keeps it there for 30 seconds, then resumes the print after that. It's the best I can do so far!