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Epilog Helix 350 Laser Engraver

  • Really Good Things to do:
    • Press the “STOP” button if anything goes wrong
    • Turn the fan on before you begin cutting
    • Position materials with care in the upper left corner of the platform in the machine
    • Wait thirty (30) seconds before opening the cover, after a job is done
    • Turn off the machine when you are done
    • Make sure the fire extinguisher and/or water bottle is by the machine in case there is a small fire
    • Use the right power and speed settings for cardboard, plastic or other materials
  • Really Dangerous Things (things not to do):
    • Cutting material that could give off dangerous fumes
    • Cutting material that could catch on fire
    • Don’t start the machine cutting something and then walk away – it’s really danger
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