Epilog Helix 350 Laser Engraver

  • Really Good Things to do:
    • Press the “STOP” button if anything goes wrong
    • Turn the fan on before you begin cutting
    • Position materials with care in the upper left corner of the platform in the machine
    • Wait thirty (30) seconds before opening the cover, after a job is done
    • Turn off the machine when you are done
    • Make sure the fire extinguisher and/or water bottle is by the machine in case there is a small fire
    • Use the right power and speed settings for cardboard, plastic or other materials
  • Really Dangerous Things (things not to do):
    • Cutting material that could give off dangerous fumes
    • Cutting material that could catch on fire
    • Don’t start the machine cutting something and then walk away – it’s really dangerous!
  • Other Things That Could Create Problems:
    • Don’t open the cover while the machine is running – it stops cutting
    • Trying to cut metal with the laser cutter
    • Cutting something with an uneven surface that trips the cutter off its track
    • From the Epilog Owner's Manual: "NEVER engrave or cut any material containing PVC or vinyl.  When engraved, a corrosive agent is produced that will destroy your machine.  Your warranty will be void if your machine is damaged by corrosion from engraving or cutting PVC or Viny."


Roland Modela RDX-20 3D Milling Machine

  • Carefully clean away all shavings and cuttings - they may clog the drive gear, leading to malfunction


16" Ryobi Scroll Saw

  • Always wear safety goggles or a face shield
  • Install blade teeth down toward table
  • Keep fingers a safe distance from the blade
  • Never leave the scroll saw work area with the power on
  • Adjust blade tension by hand before powering the machine on
  • Maintain control by handling the workpiece firmly against the table at all times
  • No adjustment should be made until the tool has come to a complete stop

UP! 3D Printer

  • Don't touch the nozzle, it can get very hot (260 degrees C)
  • Avoid touching the platform with your hands while it is printing