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Some materials are available on-hand at the lab, others must be ordered or purchased elsewhere.

Blackline Supply, a local community-based architecture materials shop, is within walking range and offers a better selection of wood and other specialized materials.

Check in the back office for current prices!


  • Three scrap material cans and multiple scrap bins
  • Use these scraps for tests and starter projects
Scrap Acrylic Scrap cans
  • Many colors and styles
  • Distributed in sheets of 6 x 12, 12 x12, 18x12 and 24 x 12
  • 1/8", 1/4" and 1/16" thickness available
  • Premium - reflective (mirrored), glitter, two-color, 2-tone
  • Regular - translucent, florescent and opaque
Reflective Acrylic Translucent Acrylic
  Opaque Acrylic Glitter Acrylic
  • Cheap slats of plywood good for vector cuts
  • Less-cheap slats of birch plywood good for raster and vector cuts
Wood Wood
  • Visit Blackline Supply (a few blocks away) to find higher-quality wood supplies
Wood Wood
  • Sticky on the back
  • Many colors
  • Rolls from 12" wide to 14" wide
  • Sold by the yard or in single sheets
  • Free contact/transfer paper
Sticky Vinyl Reflective Vinyl
  • Plenty of free scrap on hand
  • A variety of construction paper bold and pastel colors
  • Sheets of custom pattern paper available
  • Posterboard backdrops available for free use in the lightbox
Silhouette Pattern paper
Paper supplies
  Lightbox backdrops Silhouette Pattern paper

Work with glass

  • Glass tumbers and sometimes wine glasses
  • Protective water-soluable paint to prevent flaking
Used glass tumblers Glass Protection Paint
Circuit boards, wire and other electronics
  • Circuit boards of several sizes available, single and double-sided
  • Many shapes, colors and strengths of wire
  • General electronics workshop fee for LED's, transistors, etc...
Circuitboard Wire

Small computer boards

Arduino Uno Beagleboard

Raspberry Pi

Electronics Supplies

  • Transistors, capacitors, wire, PCB board, connectors, cables and more
  • Wire-cutters, screw drivers, pliers and other basic tools available
Electronics Supplies Electronics Supplies
Jewelry components
  • Hooks, chains, pins for earrings and neckalces and more
  • Available for a fraction of a dollar
  • Glow-in-the-dark fiber
Key rings
Jewelry supplies
  Glow-in-the-dark fiber Jewelry components


  • For workshops and upon special request
Fab Lab Fabrics
Heat-sensitive Fabric
3D Printer Filament and Stereo Lithography Resin
  • An assortment of colors in ABS 1.75mm for the UP! printers
  • A few colors in PLA 3mm for the Lulzbot TAZ
  • Experimental materials: PETT, nylon, and laybrick for the Lulzbot TAZ
  • UP!3D - 0.10$ per gram + 2$ setup fee
  • Lulzbot TAZ - 0.10$ per gram + 5$ setup fee
  • Stereo Lithography Resin - by special arrangement
Stereolithography resin 3D printer filament
    UP3D printer filament
Water Bottles
  • Good for laser engraving projects
Water Bottles Water Bottles