Sorry!  I meant to say there will be 12 people in each group (total of 24)!

An Alert to the Community

On Sunday June 10th, the lab is hosting two sessions for engineering students and summer visitors.  The sessions are from 1:00 to 3:00PM and 3:00 to 5:00PM.  There will be about 24 people in each session so the lab will be full - if you have an urgent project try to come in on another open session or late in the afternoon.  

Pen-on-Paper Flexible Electronics Workshop

The fab lab will be hosting a hands on workshop on silver based conductive inks on Thursday June 21 at 7:00 pm. This 2-hour workshop will teach you how to create functional paper-based electronic devices using a rollerball pen filled with conductive ink. This technology, developed in Prof. Jennifer Lewis’ group at UIUC, can be used to link up LED’s, resistors, and sensors in order to quickly build flexible electronic devices.

PoP trees.jpg

Website Updates

This upcoming Thursday (the 7th) we're having an informal meeting about updating the fab lab website. We will soon be changing the design and some of the information architecture, and want to make sure everyone has a chance to give input. Find us around 7p in the lab to join. Alternatively you can email Jeff Ginger ( with your thoughts.

The following Thursday (the 14th, also at 7p) we will then have a formal operations committee meeting to formally approve the new site.


Possibly of Interest: Channing Murray School of Radical Arts summer classes

One of the instructors for the summer class "(Re)Making Matter(s): Art & Radical Recycling" dropped by and put up a poster for this summer program.  She will probably be in the Fab Lab this summer, and these classes may be of interest to some fabers.  I guess some of the students may come over.


CUC Fab Lab at the Champaign STAR Expo

The CU Community Fab Lab had a table at the City of Champaign STAR Expo on May 18.  We met with many folks from community organizations.

Fab Lab at STAR Expo

Neopaleo - kind of a 'strange loop'

Here's a strange personal fabrication idea.

The paleontology is somewhat shaky, IMO, but it's an interesting piece of 3D printing.

Bioinspiration journal

Here is a cool Journal (it is available on line via the UI library).  It's full of real life projects, but lots of amazing ideas for projects and designs.

Bioinspiration & Biomimetics


Fresh Paint workshop

Fresh Paint is a 2 day long workshop (8 hrs on Saturday and 6 hrs on Sunday). We will build a 6’x4’ board (for the CuC Fab Lab) and smaller boards 6”x4” (one for each group of participant). These boards will have magnetic and conductive paint and you can use different color LEDs to bring them to life.



Fresh Paint example board

Pteranodon Project Adapted from '' (includes plans)

A sylized "pteranodon", cut on the Epilog Mini.  Constructed of 1/4 inch plywood, finished with textured paint.

Size is approximately 1.3 meter wingspan, .6 meter nose-to-tail.

The original plans were published on the web at:


Community Sustainability Connections

The CUCFL was part of the Partnerships for a Thriving Champaign Urbana conference April 20 at the NCSA.  It was great to meet so many people who are working to create a more livable community.  I hope they make the Fab Lab a part of those efforts.  One example is the work of Christine Moore, who is working with the Prosperity Gardens project near the police station where the public market is open.  The lab might help by making a few wooden garden stakes and signs for the area.  Anyone have any great sayings for a garden that we can laser cut into a sign?  

Illinois State Science Fair Needs Judges

On May 5, 2012, the Illinois State Science Fair will take place at the Assembly Hall.  Judges are needed to review the over 1000 projects submitted by school children around the state.  No experience is necessary and training will be provided.  It looks like your commitment is 8:00AM to 12:00PM on the 5th.  If anyone is interested they should contact Bob coverdill of I-STEM  ( to volunteer.  Sounds like it might be fun!  you can see the science projects from 12:00 to 2:00PM as a visitor.

Butterfly Pin Project, Plans

A recent project from Betty Barrett and Bob McGrath.

This is simple plastic "jewelry", laser-cut in acryllic (see image). 

The butterfly is orginally from a website ( which has many drawings that could be used for similar projects.

The project is explained in a document [PDF].

Example Butterfly Pins

Hack a t-shirt event - Must sign up by Friday April 13th is offering free 'reject' t-shirts to groups of 8 or more.  We will be hosting an event and want you to come!

Come to the lab on Thursday 26th from 5-9pm and we'll work on the shirts.  We'll post photos to their blog and our group might win gift certificates for all attendees.

YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THE EVENT BEFORE NOON on FRIDAY April 13th (this Friday).  This is the date that threadless wants all group requests in by.  If we don't have your name, we won't have enough tshirts for you to attend.

For more about the event, click here:



Register both on our website and on so we know how many people are coming and so that threadless can see who's coming.

QR Code for this web site

Learning how to make and use QRCodes--here is a QRCode for the URL for this web site.  When you scan it, you get

This code can be put on handouts and posters, etc.

Also, download the PNG and put it on stuff you make.  Who knows how well it will work, say, etched onto the tail of a dinosaur, but we can find out.

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