Kat's Mobile

Kat made a beautiful and fanciful mobile for her 7.5 month old son.  The primary material is laser-cut acrylic, and it was hand assembled with some hand seweing.  It is beautiul.

What is a Fab Lab?

Workshops & Classes Page Updated

The Workshops & Classes page has been updated.  It now contains an embedded Google Calendar, and will be updated continuously.

Epilog laser fixed!

The Epilog laser is back online, in time for tonight's open session.

Many thanks to Mercedes!!!

Gloria E. Jackson Community Center and Media Lab

Hello Ms. Barrett,

Mary Gen and I wanted to thank you and all the volunteers again of behalf of our team for helping us finish our acrylic plaques on time for delivery. We went down to East Saint Louis the very next day and successfully installed them on a wall of the public computing lab we were setting up. Please find attached a few pictures of the final outcome. We think they look great against the purple wall we painted and the pictures were included in our final presentation, so now a few more library science students know how awesome the Fab Lab is!!

Happy holiday,


MLIS candidate
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Link to Photos:

Makerbot Operational!

First test print with the Makerbot Cupcake - still need to rig up a heated platform for full production cycle



Fab Off Slideshow!

Here is a slideshow from Fab Off 2011, held on Saturday October 22nd 2011.

We had a wonderful time hosting the other Fab Labs, and met a lot of creative, talented, and friendly people!

Direct Link: Fab Off 2011 Photo Set on Flickr

Curriculum Committee Meeting Tuesday, November 15

Come and join our curriculum committe discussion.  The curriculum committee is planning to meet on Tuesday, November 15 around 6pm.


  • Review list from Operations committee's minutes
  • Class ideas for next year 
  • Kits and other curriculum for on and off site groups
  • Anything else?

October 4, 2011 Minutes - Operations Committee

Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab
1301 South Goodwin Avenue Urbana, IL 61801

Business/Operation Committee Meeting
Tuesday October 4, 2011 @ 5:30 PM

B. Barrett, K. Heller, C Needham, D. Rose, L. Semeraro, G. Watson

I. Blue Platter Saturday Workshops (October 8) - Betty will open the doors for this event which is to be held from 9 AM to Noon

II. Fab Off (October 22)

Fab Lab Holiday Hours - December 2011/ January 2012

The Fab Lab will be closed the following days over the 2011/2012 Holliday Season:

  • Tuesday, November 22nd - Thanksgiving Break
  • Thursday, November 24th - Thanksgiving Day
  • Sunday, December 25th - Christmas Day
  • Sunday, January 1st - New Years Day

First Blue Platter Saturday

Here are a few pictures from the first Blue Platter Saturday, October 8th.

If you missed the event, please joint us next Saturday, October 15th from 9 am to 12 pm.

Lauren's led bracelet.

Ardbot Kit

Here is my first Ardbot robotics experiment.  Pretty rough in places, but the plan is to replace the Arduino with a Fabduino, and to replace the breadboard with a much smaller milled circuit board, both of which will be fabricated in the fab lab.  I will keep the re/purposed spray paint plastic caps as wheels, however - they work pretty well!


Ardbot Kit

Business/Operations Committee Meeting Announcement

Join us for discussion and planning of upcoming events at the fab lab - light refreshments available


September 6, 2011 Minutes - Operations Committee

Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab
1301 South Goodwin Avenue Urbana, IL 61801

Business/Operation Committee Meeting
Tuesday September 6, 2011 @ 5:30 PM

I. Attendance
K Heller, M Mane, G Ray, D Rose, L Scharf, G Watson

II. New Fall Hours Beginning September 6, 2011

    TUESDAY     5 - 9 PM
    THURSDAY     5 - 9 PM
    SUNDAY         12 - 6 PM
These hours are posted on the door of the lab, and on the website at:

Fab Off

The Champaign-Urbana Community will be holding the first ever Fab Off!

A Fab Off is...

-an opportunity to come together and meet people from other fab labs

-a chance to interact with new materials (from

-a build session with a team of enthusiastic fabbers

-a chance to win wildly "intrinsically motivating" prizes (read that to mean of little or no monetary value

-good food and festivities

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