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Tap In Challenge: Create a cardboard dinosaur!

Miniature Dinosaur

Just a reminder that Bob has been kind enough to post his plans for a miniaturized cardboard puzzle dinosaur up here:


*New* Small Cardboard Pteranodon Kit

New for Halloween:  small dinaosaur, to cut from pressboard.

Purchase a 6x12 in piece of pressboard from the lab attendant, then download the files.  The file 'ptero-small.pdf' is all you need.

Use the Epilog Mini laser to make your own dinosaru today!


More Dinosaurs (err... Pterosaur)

Bob thought that Kat's T-Rex was pretty cool looking, so he went and made a skeletal Pterosaur.

This is the beta version and Bob says that the final version will be much better with stain or finish.

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