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Press-fit Birdhouse

Jim Anderson was gracious enough to lead a parent-kid press fit bird house building workshop over the span of several weeks. He used Dean's press fit tutorial (http://cucfablab.org/book/advanced-press-fit-box).

Press fit workshop  Birdhouse  Birdhouse

Settlers of Catan 3.0


We've now had several generations of custom Settlers of Catan boards come through the Fab Lab! Instead of making individual downloads we've decided to put all of the various versions of the game in an open directory. See https://uofi.box.com/Settlers for all files and iterations or http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:181521 for the latest interlocking version.

Credit to Charlie Mooney for the original inspiration, and Lindsey Hammerslag, Amber Castens and Jeff Ginger for updates.

New Woodworking Shop

A new woodworking shop is opening up over by Parkland. Some might be interested:


Blackline Supply has quality wood

Betty, Andrew and I visited Blackline Supply this past week, a locally owned art and architecture materials shop on campus. They have all kinds of construction materials, but what was most notable to me, was their affordable and high quality wood. I believe a 3x24 inch sheet was around 3$, which means a full sheet to fill our laser bed would be about 12$. They're pretty close by, located in the basement of the McKinley Foundation on campus - go pay them a visit!

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