How much space does the CUCFL occupy?

Q: How much space does the CUCFL occupy?

A: Our Fab Lab occupies a space about 48' x 48' that is partitioned into three rooms.  The main lab room is 24' x 48' with the two smaller rooms used for the electronics lab and a general purpose room.  I would suggest you try for the largest space you can find since Fab Labs have a habit of out growing smaller spaces quickly.  Some we visited that were located in small class room type spaces and were already looking to relocate.  A space with good lighting and open areas is best, basic Fab Lab equipment operates on standard 120 volt 20 amp circuits.  The only equipment that will need vented to the outside is the Epilog (laser cutter) it can be vented through 4" flex duct and exhaust blower to the outside.  A stand alone HEPA filter can be purchased if outside ventilation is not possible although these units are expensive and require additional maintenance.  Larger equipment such as a ShopBot will have additional requirements.  All Fab Labs use the same basic equipment although most Fab Labs may not have things such as the 3D printer and ShopBot, not all labs will have the space or funding for the larger or more expensive equipment.