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Paper Prototyping Level Up

Members of the GSLIS "Entrepreneurship and IT Design" course have created a new way to do paper prototyping - with more realistic mobile device holders. You can use these prototype frames to test devices in different use contexts, for instance holding a large tablet for one-handed use while walking and holding a bag. How far will your thumb reach?

Includes files for paper inserts to cut or draw (with those little color pens!) on the Silhouette and frames to cut out on the laser. Everything for download at:



Beginner - Make Your Own Ruler

Tutorial by Chris Nixon

Acrylic or Wood, find a piece slightly larger than you want your ruler to be (default size
of template is 6.501in by 1.001 in).
Ruler Template svg file.

Go ahead and launch Inkscape from the desktop or start menu.

Open the ruler_template.svg file (attachment below).

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