Beginner - Make Your Own Ruler

Tutorial by Chris Nixon

Acrylic or Wood, find a piece slightly larger than you want your ruler to be (default size
of template is 6.501in by 1.001 in).
Ruler Template svg file.

Go ahead and launch Inkscape from the desktop or start menu.

Open the ruler_template.svg file (attachment below).

If you are new to Inkscape, check out this introduction to get familiar with the basics -> Otherwise, continue with this project.

The ruler is set up in inches. Each bar corresponds to ¼ inch, while the long lines
correspond to ⅛ inch and the short ones 1/16 inch. Copy and paste the bars in the
template to make your ruler as long as you want. Make sure they are aligned correctly.
You can use the ruler at the top and left of the window to check your measurements.
By clicking on one of the rulers and dragging onto the document, you can create guides
which will help you align everything. If you don’t like the bars, or want to try something
new, you can delete them and make your own markings.

You can change the size and shape of the .001 inch outline around the ruler. This is
the shape that will be vector cut, creating the shape of the finished ruler. You can also
create parts of the ruler which will be cut out, by creating more shapes with a .001 inch

You can change the size and font of the numbers as well. Just click on the
text tool, then select the number to change it. Play around with different labeling
systems for the measurements. You can also personalize your ruler by adding your
name or other text.

When you are done customizing your ruler, save it as a .pdf and bring it over to the
Epilog station. Follow the instructions there based on the size and type of material you
are using.

Congratulations! You now have your own ruler!

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