Advanced - Engrave an alumninum waterbottle

A pictured step-by-step for how to engrave on an alumninum water bottle:

1)      Have your design ready and saved as a .pdf file type.

2)      Press the FOCUS button on the Epilog laser cutter and press the DOWN button to lower the laser bed all the way to the bottom.

3)      TURN THE EPILOG LASER CUTTER OFF! The switch is located on the left near the back.

4)      Remove the grating and the central cross support.

5)      Place the rotary adaptor into the bottom of the laser cutter. Make sure it is set into the holes.

6)      Plug the rotary adaptor’s plug into the port near the middle back of the laser bed.

7)      Place your water bottle (or whatever item you want to engrave) on the wheels

8)      Slide the right hand set of wheels to a good distance to support the bottle. Use the knob on the side to adjust the wheels up and down to level the item.

9)      Close the lid and turn the Epilog laser back on.

10)   The laser engraver is now ready to be used like normal.

11)   After engraving; TURN THE LASER OFF, then remove the adaptor and replace the central cross support and the grating.