Beginner - Create a key chain

Project Details:
This project will take you through the steps necessary to slightly modify a keychain in Inkscape and cut it out on the laser project.  No prior experinece with Inkscape or the laser cutter is needed.

Skill Level:
Complete beginner

Appropriate Ages:
Any age with appropriate adult supervision.

Where this project should be done:
Fab lab.

What you need:

  • Inkscape starter file "little key rings.svg" (link below)
  • 2"x2" cardboard scrap for testing
  • 2"x2" wood or acrylic piece for your finished product
  • 1 keyring
All of these supplies can be found in the "Make a key chain" kit.


Project Instructions:

  1. Open provided file, Little Key Rings.svg.
  2. Follow the directions in the file. 
  3. Choose a material and set the laser power and speed acording to the chart found near the laser.
  4. Press "print," and when the laser is ready, turn on vent fans, THEN press green "go" button.

What you learned:
Through this project, you should now be able to open, save, and close files in Inkscape as well as move objects around and add text to a shape.  You also learned how to move files to the laser cutter computer and use the correct settings to cut the keychain out.  

What should I make next?
From this very simple keychain example, you now can try creating your own keychain from scratch with our "Create a key chain (level 2)".  Also, a this point, you could choose to go through some of our basic and advanced Inkscape tutorials so you will be able to make more and more complex designs.  

As with all of these projects, try something new!  If you have an idea, try it now!  Ask for help and/or come back here for more projects if you get stuck.

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