Advanced - Press Fit Box

*Note that there's now an easier way to do this, see the Boxmaker tutorial -

Press fit boxesPress fit boxes

Project Details:

Here is an Inkscape tutorial which goes through the process of constructing a press fit cube.  The dimensions are 3 x 3 x 3 inches in this example, but could be easily scaled up to create a personalized construction, including a box with unequal dimensions.

Click here then click on slideshow.

Skill Level:

Appropriate Ages:
Any age with appropriate adult supervision.

Where this project should be done:
Fab lab.  It is possible to edit the Inkscape file outside the fab lab, but this project will teach you how to use the laser cutter so doing this at CUC Fab Lab gets you the most out of the project.

What you need:

  • Inkscape (open source, available for download on Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • 12"x 12" cardboard scrap for testing
  • 12"x12" wood or acrylic piece for your finished product
All of these supplies are available in the lab, ranging from freely available for cardboard and scraps, to laserable materials available for purchase.


What you learned:
Through this project, you should now be able to open, save, and close files in Inkscape as well as move objects around.  You also learned how to move files to the laser cutter computer and use the correct settings to cut the press fit box out.

What should I make next?
From this  example, you now can try creating your own press fit box from scratch.  This beginning exercise was a 3 inch square, you could now consider making a box with three unequal dimensions.

As with all of these projects, try something new!  If you have an idea, try it now!  Ask for help and/or come back here for more projects if you get stuck.