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Big Beads available for free!

Big Beads for free at the Fab Lab

Someone left a bunch of giant beads at the Fab Lab - come make use of them for a necklace or some other kind of creation!

Inquire in back, they're in a white tub in the store room.

Make Your Own Pokemon Card with Spore!

Pokemon Card Raster

Make a Pokemon in Spore, take a screen shot and put him on a custom-made card! Template and example attached.

Tap In Challenge: Create a cardboard dinosaur!

Miniature Dinosaur

Just a reminder that Bob has been kind enough to post his plans for a miniaturized cardboard puzzle dinosaur up here:

Quadcopter at the Fab Lab!

Quadcopter at the Fab Lab!

Bristol Board Layer Art Timelapse (Silhouette Cameo)

A timelapse showing how I make Bristol paper art. Original at:

Introducing Color Printing and Paper

We now have an additional scanner-printer available at the lab for color printing and color paper. Ask at the desk, we ask for 50 cents a sheet.

Disruption Department in St. Louis blog series about Makerspaces

disruption department logo
A tip from Sharon Irish - the Disruption Department has launched a blog series about a makerspace in an arts school in St. Louis.
This post has some great ideas:

Models available for free!

Joan from the UIUC Women's Resource Center was kind enough to donate us some remote control toys and pine wood derby car sets. They're now available for free use in the lab!

3D printer time lapse

Matthew Schroyer ( was kind enough to film a time-lapse of our UP!3D printer in action:

Here it is printing mounting for a sensor.

Examples, Tools and Materials Updated

The tools and materials section has been updated to reflect our current offerings. I've also made the example creations page a little friendlier.

Luke, you will be happy to know that all pictures are now hosted on the Fab Lab server.

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