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Beginner - CUC Fab Lab Pressfit Boxmaker

How to Use the CUC Fab Lab Pressfit Boxmaker

<Pressfit boxes

By Robert McGrath | v1.1 | 01.2014

The Pressfit Box Maker program is a tool that helps create pressfit boxes.  It is primarily designed to be used in the Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab, though both the software and the results can be used elsewhere. This program does not completely automate the process, but it can make it much easier to experiment and iterate to work out your design ideas.

The software uses an algorithm to create a drawing of a pressfit box in a PDF file. The result may or may not be exactly what you intended, so you should expect to try it a few times; to test some settings, examine the results, and adjust the settings, until the results are what you want.

Create a vector font based on your own handwriting!

A free online tool to create a vector font from your own handwriting -

Inkscape - Epilog Laser Intro

An introduction to Inkscape specific to the Fab Lab, for our Epilog Laser Engraver:

Laser Settings

Epilog Helix 350 Laser Engraver

Recommended Raster and Vector Settings (50 watt)

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