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Volunteer Workshop this Sunday @ 3p!

Jeff, Virginia and Bob will be presenting a short workshop on some neat things you can do with Inkscape and associated tools at the main Fab Lab this next Sunday the 27th, from 3-4p. It's free and open to anyone and will be part of the training for our new staff. Just show up to join in, we will put any notes and tutorials online.


Inkscape - Common function list reference

Just covering the most used functions for Fablab. Easiest to hardest.


1.   New file / how to save / what to save as

●    all under FILE menu

●    FILE > New > Default is letter sized

○    The rectangle Inkscape shows is only a guide, it will not print and is not the limit of your canvas (sort of)

Inkscape - Intermediate Practice Exercises

Inkscape 2 outline.

Tricky common issues, solved. See the attached practice files at the bottom of this page!


Cutting a part of a path off

ISSUE: a thick piece of plywood or another material cuts through in most places, but one or two spots only cuts *most* of the way through.

One possible SOLUTION:

            - Get rid of all of the design except the part of the path that you want to cut again.


Inkscape - Even More Tutorials!

Can be found on their community weblog:

Inkscape - Combining Shapes

Thanks to Ponoko!

Inkscape - Epilog Laser Intro

An introduction to Inkscape specific to the Fab Lab, for our Epilog Laser Engraver:

Inkscape Interest Group, this Sunday at 3:30pm

This should be VERY beginner friendly. Please feel welcome to come if you've never used Inkscape or have never come to the FabLab before. Please also come if you have used it extensively to share your experiences with the rest of us!

WHERE: We will meet among the computers in the FabLab. Bring a laptop with Inkscape (it's free!) on it if you have one, or use the computers which all have Inkscape installed.

WHEN: This Sunday, January 30, 3:30pm for about an hour.

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