CUCFL Curriculum Committee Charter

CUCFL Curriculum Committee Charter



  • Ensure appropriate curriculum and programming is available to serve diverse ages and interests, promoting ingenuity, invention, inspiration, and safety.



  • This committee is composed of volunteers committed to fab lab curriculum and programming. Membership on the committee is determined at follows:
    • Individuals must have attended at least two consecutive committee meetings as a community member, and then make an expression of interest to the Steering Committee, which will decide on membership.
    • The aim in populating committees is to encourage broad participation, have diverse stakeholder groups represented, and still have a size that is manageable.
    • Membership on a committee is for a one-year term, that is renewable by mutual agreement of the individual and the chair or co-chairs of the committee.



  • The CUCFL Curriculum Committee meets at least once a month at a consistent, standard time determined by the members and made public to the community.
  • Communication between meetings should take place through electronic means.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct periodic needs assessments with target audiences for CUCFL programming.
  • Develop and innovate with curriculum to support planned programs.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of curriculum after use and promote continuous improvement.
  • Coordinate with curriculum and programming associated with local schools and organizations.
  • Identify and develop skills to operate and staff the Fab Lab.
  • Work with the Fab Friends Committee on community outreach with programming activities and provide awareness to the Operations Committee for scheduling use of the Fab Lab.
  • Over time, develop an understanding and appreciation of what all the Fab Lab tools and equipment can do.
  • Participate in the global Fab Academy as appropriate.
  • Share curriculum with Fab Labs and others as appropriate.
  • For regular community groups working with the Fab Lab on repeated programming, one or more individuals will be designated as the point of contact for the Fab Lab (and they will then ensure the appropriate committees are informed).
  • Report to the Steering Committee any plans that involve the use or generation of resources.



  • This charter is reviewed once a year, with adjustments made as appropriate
  • Representatives from this Committee report to the Steering Committee on a Monthly basis and coordinate with other Committees as appropriate.
  • All committees will appoint their own chair or co-chairs and inform the Community Leadership Council.
  • The committee will ensure that meetings are fun, respectful and non-bureaucratic – keeping records to a crucial minimum, including maintaining and posting:  
    • A record of accomplishments.
    • A record of decisions relevant to other committees and the community.
    • All meetings will be open to the community.