CUCFL Operating Rules

CUCFL Operating Rules



Overall Safety

  • Think! Make sure you know how machines can hurt you, and how you can hurt them, before you touch them.
  • Do not use power tools alone, or when you're tired, if you value the integrity of your extremities.
  • Track and report “near misses” – know this is the best way to prevent something worse.


Epilog Laser Safety


Really Good Things to do:

  • Press the “STOP” button if anything goes wrong
  • Turn the fan on before you begin cutting
  • Position materials with care in the upper left corner of the platform in the machine
  • Wait thirty (30) seconds before opening the cover, after a job is done
  • Turn off the machine when you are done
  • Make sure the fire extinguisher and/or water bottle is by the machine in case there is a small fire
  • Use the right power and speed settings for cardboard, plastic or other materials


Really Dangerous Things (things not to do):

  • Cutting material that could give off dangerous fumes
  • Cutting material that could catch on fire
  • Don’t start the machine cutting something and then walk away – it’s really dangerous!


Other Things That Could Create Problems:

  • Don’t open the cover while the machine is running – it stops cutting
  • Trying to cut metal with the laser cutter
  • Cutting something with an uneven surface that trips the cutter off its track


Equipment/Lab Use:

  • Clean up! Any mess you leave is a direct imposition on someone else who is forced to clean up after you.
  • Vacuum your work areas, and wipe down machines after use.
  • Put away used materials in the stock areas.
  • Put away tools and safety glasses.
  • No tools are to leave the Lab.
  • Do not install software or change the configuration of the shop computers without approval.
  • Report missing supplies, broken machines, or accidents right away: it's far worse for them to be discovered later.
  • Only authorized users are permitted to use powered tools.
  • The Fab Lab functions as a collectively-supported resource; ask yourself how you can improve it as well as use it.
  • Use of the Fab Lab is a privilege, which can be revoked for any infractions of any of these rules.