Opening the Lab – A Check List

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Opening the Lab – A Check List:

ž      Check for any leaks in water lines or any other circumstance that could be a safety hazard

ž      Turn on lights

ž      Make coffee (instructions available)

ž      Turn on all computers (turning on power strips and “on/off” buttons on each computer with log in “fablab” and the same password)

  • Note:  If there has been a power failure, check for any equipment that might have been improperly powered down and sensitive on start up

ž      Turn on the laser cutter and the associated computer

  • Check that the air compressor is functioning (but don’t leave it on since it is noisy)

ž      Turn on the vinyl cutter and the associated computer

ž      Turn on the network video web cam (when that is up and running)

ž      Determine if any programs are scheduled for this time period and ensure that someone is coming to set things up appropriately