CUCFL Steering Committee Charter

CUCFL Steering Committee Charter



  • Lead programming and regular operations for the CUCFL, promoting ingenuity, invention, and inspiration in the community
  • Coordinate contributions and efforts of CUCFL Committees and other key stakeholders in the community and beyond



  • CUCFL Manager (when funding permits)
  • Chair or Co-Chairs, CUCFL Curriculum Committee Chair or Co-Chairs, CUCFL Technology Committee Chair or Co-Chairs, CUCFL Fab Friends Committee
  • Chair or Co-Chairs, CUCFL Operations Committee Other leaders from across the community as appropriate



  • The Steering Committee meetsat least quarterly at a consistent, standard time determined by the members and made public to the community.
  • Communication between meetings should take place through electronic means.
  • Reports are provided by all CUCFL Committees (Curriculum, Technology, Fab Friends, and Operations)
  • Chairing Steering Committee meetings rotates among Steering Committee members


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the central coordinating body for all CUCFL Committees on resource and strategic matters.
  • Review overall curriculum and programs in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Facilitate grants and other funding relevant to CUCFL financial sustainability.
  • Forge and sustain partnerships with key stakeholder organizations.
  • Maintain the budget for the CUCFL and interface with university rules and regulations on funding.
  • Oversee the handling of money for consumables and other funds related to operations. 
  • Facilitate connections to the global Fab Lab community.
  • Additional important considerations not encompassed within any other committee.



  • This charter is reviewed once a year, with adjustments made as appropriate
  • Minutes of meetings maintained and distributed to all Steering Committee members
  • New committees (ad hoc or standing) established as appropriate
  • All committees will appoint their own chair or co-chairs and inform the Community Leadership Council.
  • The committee will ensure that meetings are fun, respectful and non-bureaucratic – keeping records to a crucial minimum, including maintaining and posting: 
    • A record of accomplishments.
    • A record of decisions relevant to other committees and the community.
    • All meetings will be open to the community.