CUCFL Information Technology Committee Charter

CUCFLTechnology Committee Charter



  • Ensure appropriate information and fabrication technology resources and promote ingenuity, invention, and inspiration in the community



  • This committee is composed of volunteers committed to Fab Lab IT and other technology resources.
  • Membership on the committee is determined at follows:
    • Individuals must have attended at least two consecutive committee meetings as a community member, and then make an expression of interest to the Steering Committee, which will decide on membership.
    • The aim in populating committees is to encourage broad participation, have diverse stakeholder groups represented, and still have a size that is manageable.
    • Membership on a committee is for a one-year term, that is renewable by mutual agreement of the individual and the chair or co-chairs of the committee.



  • The CUCFL Technology Committee meets once a month, at a consistent, standard time determined by the members and made public to the community.
  • Communication between meetings should take place through electronic means.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the installation and operation of the overall operating system for the CUCFL. 
  • Ensure the installation and updating of relevant software programs for the CUCFL.
  • Ensure the effective operation of computer hardware, fabrication  equipment, and other relevant technology for the CUCFL.
  • Develop mechanisms to share files and designs within the CUCFL and the international Fab Lab community.
  • Periodically reach out to other Fab Lab committees to learn about technology needs and requirements.
  • Coordinate with other Fab Labs to foster standardization and innovation in hardware and software relevant to Fab Lab operations.
  • Establish and maintain communication mechanisms (e.g. listserves, etc.) for use by the local Fab Lab community.
  • Conduct long term planning on Fab Lab IT operations and technology needs.
  • Establish the systems for hosting an electronic, publically accessible repository for the Fab Lab Charters, meeting minutes, and other key documents.
  • Report to the Steering Committee any plans that involve the use or generation of resources.



  • This charter is reviewed once a year, with adjustments made as appropriate
  • Representatives from this Committee report to the Steering Committee on a Monthly basis and coordinate with other Committees as appropriate.
  • All committees will appoint their own chair or co-chairs and inform the Community Leadership Council.
  • The committee will ensure that meetings are fun, respectful and non-bureaucratic – keeping records to a crucial minimum, including maintaining and posting: 
    • A record of accomplishments.
    • A record of decisions relevant to other committees and the community.
    • All meetings will be open to the community.