Business/Operations Committee Meeting Minutes - August 2, 2012

Business/Operations Committee Meeting -  Minutes
August 2, 2012 7:30 PM


The committee proposed that Summer hours be maintained for the coming Fall 2012 semester as follows:

Tuesday & Thursday 6-9 PM, and Sunday 1-6 PM Beginning August 28th

In addition, we would make the lab available early on Thursdays from 4-6 PM for educational groups, BY ADVANCE ARRANGEMENT AND SUBJECT TO THE AVAILABILITY OF VOLUNTEERS

Fab Lab Stewardship
Discussed strategies to identify volunteers who oversee laser cutter operation.  It was suggested that a vest or other appropriate garment be worn by an experienced volunteer during times which s/he would oversee laser cutter operations by general lab users. Aprons were modelled at the meeting, and have been successfully utilized by a select group of qualified volunteers.

It was also suggested that volunteers be assessed by skill level, and publicly identified so they may be sought out by general users of the lab. A qualifications matrix could be developed for this purpose.
Improvements to requisition and tracking of inventory items from the storeroom have been implemented, and are being tracked digitally. Gary and Mercedes are leading this effort, and will instruct volunteers on procedure

Fab Off

Weekend of October 13th has been suggested for this event. There may be a small fee assessed to participants, TBD

Fab 8

One of our volunteers will be presenting a workshop at Fab 8 in New Zealand – a few volunteers also expressed an interest in presenting a paper

Equipment Usage Fees

 The modela mini mill will now have a flat fee of $2 for usage. Also, if you break a bit, you buy it at the approximate cost of $16 each

 The 3D printer likewise has a flat fee of $2 for usage, plus 10 cents per gram of material.

 Costs for the laser cutter remain for the moment at $1 for 5 minutes


Upcoming Events (as addressed by the curriculum committee)

 Out of the Mouths of Babes  (IMC)  August 11, 2-4PM (Informational Table)

UI Youth Group (Bechtel) Fab Lab Thursday August 23rd 2:30 to 5 PM (10-15 youth to cut water bottles)


Mini Labs

The Urbana Free Library anticipates setting up an off site mini lab by the last week of September.  Details forthcoming!